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Child and Adolescent Family Support Program


I am passionate about working with children and adolescents who are struggling with managing emotions and behaviors.  I believe in addressing these issues on an individual and family level to help change behaviors, communicate effectively, and support one another.

My unique approach to families includes teaching/practicing skills, processing underlying issues, and offering practical tools to support parents and families.  

Addictions Recovery and Resiliency Program


Older teens and adults frequently face a different set of struggles and I specialize in helping them identify and work toward recovering from the impact of addictions and working toward building resiliency in their lives. 

My approach to addictions is to facilitate internal motivation to bring about a change in relationships to substances and activities that may be causing difficulties in your personal life. 

Effective Approaches



I utilize effective, evidence-based models of treatment including DBT, CBT, Play Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Systemic, and Addictions. 


This helps us provide you and your family with tools and skills to improve communication, manage emotions and behaviors, and create the changes you would like to see.